1. kryskillinit:

    crazy eyes is the realest bitch. 

  2. moistpits:


    i was bored so i put this on and sat on my kitchen floor in the dark waiting for my mom to get home and when she saw me she screamed so loud the neighbors called the cops


    hey look its me

  3. officialjohnnybravo:

Back to school outfits


    Back to school outfits

  4. snazzapplesweet:

    people who go into tags just to be mad about the contents of said tag

  5. hhanjii:


    so a guy gave his friend 10 puns hoping that one of them would make him laugh. sadly, no pun in ten did.


  6. sexhaver:



    nobody in college gives a shit ive seen peope walking to class in heavy snow in sweats and a tshirt and flip flops ive seen people wear studio headphones in lecture ive heard so many professors curse its really some next level shit and high school did not prepare me for it

    I was not prepared for university particularly this one lecturer that would slip in a photograph of fisting into presentations to check we were paying attention


  7. ugly:



    this girl curved EVERYONE


    hopes and dreams shattered

  8. sexrumors:

    trying to bang with ur boo while ur parent in the other room


  9. neilpatrickharry:

    The Very Potter Seamus Finnigan is a perfect representation of your average british teenager.

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